Secure and reliable digital asset financial services

Years of experience in digital asset financial services

Manage assets over $1 billion and serve millions of users Professional distributed architecture and anti-DDOS attack system

Transparent disclosure

In order to protect the rights and interests of public users and provide a truly open, fair and transparent trading environment, we open the exchange assets and transaction data in real time, and invite the public to conduct supervision and verification.


In order to protect the security of digital assets, 6x exchanges accumulate a large number of professional financial institutions, multi-dimensional, multi-level defense structure, professional chip-level cold wallet storage to strictly protect users' financial security.

Currency exchange

6x Exchange serves global users. We are committed to building the world's top legal currency trading service chain. More than online, we have established physical currency exchange stations around the world to provide the public with more convenient, safe and fast exchange of legal currency.

Premium currency

We continue to introduce high-quality digital currency in the world, and the professional risk control team implements the optimal solution to provide users with excellent digital assets that are excellent, safe and stable.

Global ecological

International service

Into the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar and other countries / regions Planning based in Southeast Asia, expanding Europe and America

Aezypay Advantage

The more convinient payment should be made.

Blockchain technology

Using blockchain technology, decentralized, untrackable, unable to freeze.

Financial security

The exchange of currency in all transactions ensures the security of funds and solves the problem of risk control of third-party platforms in the past.

User information safety

No need to access any user information of the customer to ensure the security of the access user information.

Multiple payment channels

Support bank card, WeChat, Alipay, recharge card, point card and other payment methods.

Various payment scenarios

Support offline payment, online shopping payment, gaming payment, game recharge and other payment scenarios.

Global currency conversion

Cross-border exchange is not limited, you can convert legal currency as you like, and support multiple currencies around the world.

The technical team is composed of technical elites who are known as network security experts, and has received the top network security technology support from the United States. Based on the mission of user asset security, the company is responsible for product security and stability, and fully protects the security of users and merchants. Provide a safe, professional, and smooth experience.
The risk control team comes from the elites in the banking and stock securities fields. Among them, the expert consultants with more than 15 years of experience in risk control work use the scientific, rigorous and thorough risk control auditing standards and methods to comprehensively verify the real information of the trading station customers. , trading risk analysis, customer transaction level review, digital asset control ability assessment, to the greatest extent possible to prevent risks.
The product team is an industry elite with well-known national qualifications. The team members have high business capabilities, and develop long-term blockchain digital assets, combined with existing business resources, to create perfect products.
The customer service team provides high-quality services to users 24 hours a day, adhering to the principle of customer first, customer first, responsible for solving all kinds of difficult problems for users, serving customers wholeheartedly and maintaining 7*24 hours service status.